Armies of Enablers is a groundbreaking book by University of Utah law professor Amos N. Guiora. Guiora addresses the need to hold institutions to account when they fail to protect those for whom they are responsible–when they are complicit in overlooking the abuse of children and adults under their care. Guiora looks to the legislatures and other systemic remedies to make bystanders criminally responsible. He bases his argument on testimony of the survivors of abuse by team physicians, coaches and priests. Crucially, the survivors acknowledge the pain they suffered at the hands of an abuser. But they all stress that equal or greater emotional pain was caused by the indifference, coverups, denial and avoidance of the officials who heard about the abuse and did nothing–what the author terms “enabling.” For more visit

The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law sponsored an all day webinar based on the book entitled “2021 Armies of Enablers: Deconstructing Sexual Abuse of Athletes and Bystanders Who Perpetuated a Culture of Turning a Blind Eye.” The webinar featured informative and moving presentations by attorneys and survivors. Recordings of the webinar are available for viewing on YouTube and CLE is available.

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